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What is Cansortium Inc.?

Cansortium is a vertically-integrated cannabis company with licenses and operations in Florida, Pennsylvania and Texas. The Company operates under the Fluent™ brand and is dedicated to being one of the highest quality cannabis companies for the communities it serves. This is driven by Cansortium's unrelenting commitment to operational excellence in cultivation, production, distribution and retail. The Company is headquartered in Miami, Florida.

Cansortium Inc.'s common shares trade on the CSE under the symbol “TIUM.U” and on the OTCQX Best Market under the symbol “CNTMF”.

What year was Cansortium founded?
Cansortium was founded in April 2015.
Where is Cansortium’s corporate headquarters?

The company’s headquarters are located at:
5540 Executive Drive
Tampa, Florida 33609

The Company’s registered office is located at:
295 The West Mall, Suite 600 
Toronto, Ontario, M9C 4Z4.

Who are Cansortium’s top executives?
Please click here to see the list of our top executives.
Where is Cansortium incorporated?
The company is incorporated in Ontario, Canada.
When did Cansortium go public?
Cansortium went public on the Canadian Securities Exchange on March 21, 2019.
On what exchange does the stock trade and what is the stock symbol?
Cansortium Inc.'s common shares trade on the CSE under the symbol "TIUM.U" and on the OTCQX under the symbol (OTCQX: CNTMF).
Where can I get a copy of materials filed with the Canadian Securities Administration?
All of the company’s public filings are available at www.sedar.com.
How can I buy the company’s common stock?
The company’s stock can be purchased through registered stockbrokers or through online stock brokerage services for self-directed investors.
Can I purchase stock directly from the company?
No, but the stock can be purchased through registered stock brokerages, including online firms.
Does Cansortium offer a Direct Stock Purchase Plan (DSPP or DRIP)?
At this time, the company does not offer a direct stock purchase plan.
Does Cansortium pay a dividend?
At this time, the company does not pay a dividend.
What is Cansortium’s fiscal year-end?
The company’s fiscal year ends on December 31.
What is Cansortium’s cusip?
The company’s cusip is 13809L109.
Who is Cansortium’s transfer agent?
Odyssey Trust Company with principal offices in Calgary, Alberta and Vancouver, British Columbia.
Who are Cansortium’s independent auditors?
Baker Tilly US, LLP
How can I sign up to receive email alerts from the company?
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How do I contact Investor Relations for additional information?
Please click here to contact our investor relations team.